Oklahoma Gazette Talks About My Film Project: Red Dog

The Oklahoma Gazette featured a story about me and my latest project, Red Dog, chronically my life growing up in an Oklahoma strip club.

His latest venture goes back a good deal further. Red Dog is the documentary Dick and director Casey Pinkston are making about Dick’s unconventional childhood in the early 1980s, when his mother Kim was a dancer at Red Dog Cafe, 6417 NW 10th St.

“I was back in Oklahoma, working on producing an artist, and I had my sound recording gear,” he told Oklahoma Gazette. “My mother, I was staying with her; it was no secret she worked at the Red Dog,” he said. “So I asked her to tell me stories.”

Dick had no idea what to do with the recordings, so he edited them down to a couple of minutes, put them to music and sent them to his friends.

They went crazy for it, so Dick went to get a camera.

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